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Reprotoxicants can affect both women's and men's reproductive health. They can also affect foetal and human development and effects include miscarriages, malformations and functional deficits. A summary that presents the current knowledge on...
Now that the 2016-2017 campaign 'Healthy Workplaces for All Ages' has come to an end, the countdown for the launch of EU-OSHA’s next campaign 'Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances’ in April 2018 has just begun. The 2018-19 campaign aims at raising awareness of the risks posed by dangerous substances in the workplace and promoting a culture of risk prevention to eliminate or effectively manage these risks. Find out more about the new campaignSee more
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From 17 – 20 October EU-OSHA actively participated in the 35 th A+A International Congress and Trade Fair on safety, security and health at work. Sessions covered: the EU Roadmap on Carcinogens — latest developments in the fight to combat the risks of occupational carcinogens (joint event by EU-OSHA, SLIC Chemex and LASI on 18/10); occupational safety and health (OSH) data collection — how to gather and share high-quality OSH data and develop the most effective practices for prevention (A+A ILO...See more
Alert and sentinel systems allow the detection of new or emerging work-related diseases and are useful to complement the official figures of occupational diseases. Literature about the limited number of alert and sentinel approaches in place has been reviewed by EU-OSHA to weigh up their benefits. They can help target workplace interventions and prevention. The review by EU-OSHA provides good practice examples and highlights the importance of better integrating workplace exposure assessment,...See more