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Receive invaluable publicity for your organisation, highlighting your sense of corporate responsibility — a dedicated section of the campaign website will detail the activities you support and include your logo, contact details and a link to your website.


Promote relevant online press releases or reports of activities through the News section of the campaign website and in EU-OSHA’s electronic newsletter — OSHmail — which has over 70,000 subscribers.


Take advantage of the opportunity to exchange good practices with like-minded international organisations and take part in the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Exchange event for official campaign partners.

The deadline to apply for the HWC 2014-15 partnership is over

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peter damberg

Matthias Fischer, President, Toyota Material Handling Europe


“Previous initiatives of this type, working in partnership with EU-OSHA, have proved extremely beneficial to Toyota – And we can extend and share our experiences with other experts whether they are other EU-OSHA members, customers or suppliers.”

Luca Visentini

Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary


The ETUC expects the campaign to raise awareness on the necessity of involving workers and safety committees to improve prevention throughout ages and workplaces and of the need for actions on the legislative level to improve working conditions and in the OSH educational and training systems in Europe.


The official campaign partnership offer is open to European and international companies and organisations that are ready to join a network of leading public and private organisations, inspiring and encouraging others to successfully manage a safe and healthy workforce.

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